GNL Hockey | Teams all have a victory in their sights

This weekend West Devonport challenges South Burnie at 2pm in Devonport and it will be a fast-paced, spirited clash that could ultimately go either way as previous games have been quite competitive.

BREAK AWAY: Queechy's Josie Kremerskothen puts on a turn of speed heading for goal. Picture: Paul Scambler

BREAK AWAY: Queechy's Josie Kremerskothen puts on a turn of speed heading for goal. Picture: Paul Scambler

West has the ability to dominate the scoreboard when they play a well-structured and unified team game.

A strong defence will be necessary. Lucy Withers and Morgan West will have their work cut out for them as they try to shut down the quick South Burnie forwards.

Angela Sheehen, Meg Wooton and Zoe Groves will need to ensure they are finishing off any opportunities in the circle.

They also need to be creating space for their midfielders to open up play.

South Burnie’s Raeliegh and Jen Phillips have proven to be strong, reliable players and will be ones to watch out for this weekend.

Juniors play a huge part in the Hawks’ team and this clash will be no exception.

South Burnie is determined to knock the Dragons off and secure their place in the grand final.

Queechy Penguins take on the South Launceston Suns at 2:30pm in Launceston.

It will be the last chance for one of these teams as they hit the knockout round, so they will bring their best to the field.

Queechy comes into the finals with the advantage of having conceded the least amount of goals in the competition.

This statistic is largely thanks to their strong defensive unit including Mikaela Clarke, Emma Kremerskothen and Mel Heathorn.

Queechy’s Abby Withington, Allie Robertson and Olivia Jones will be essential in the distribution of the ball. 

The trio will also support both lines as they fight to remain in the competition.

The Suns have developed into a strong and intense team whose dynamic game provides multiple passing options and goal-scoring opportunities.

It will be down to senior players Nicole Symonds, Kira Budgeon and Mel Stevens to continue to lead and support their fellow team mates.

Defensive player Lauren Buchanan and forward Fenella Harris will be in the spotlight this weekend as they make their mark in what could be their final games.