Mission Possible draws generous response

Heading into week three, and the half-way mark, of The Examiner and City Mission’s Mission Possible campaign the support from the community has been overwhelming. 

On target to reach 5000 donations of food by June 11, the community has once again proven its commitment and dedication to supporting the most vulnerable. 

With Tasmania having a poverty rate of about 14.2 per cent, there is a great and increasing reliance on the support of organisations like City Mission to ensure everyone can access a good meal. 

Demand for emergency help at City Mission has increased over recent years, up 25 per cent in the past financial year. 

In a first world country in the 21st century to have vulnerable members of the Tasmanian community facing a long day or night ahead with little or no sustenance is disappointing. 

Everyone should be able to access a square meal. 

City Mission and the Mission Possible campaign allows people from all places in society to access food in a dignified way. 

It allows parents to care for their children, to send them to school with something in the lunch box. 

Those businesses who have opened their doors for donations, the people and organisations who have generously given to the campaign have all contributed to making Tasmania a better place. 

They have shown community spirit is alive and thriving and their generosity is heart-warming to see. 

When hearing from those in the community who have decided to support the campaign, a common theme is ‘We wanted to give back’. 

Currently donations in to the Mission Possible campaign in the North West are outstripping those in the North.

With three weeks to go it’s time to pull up our socks Northerners, it would be great to see Northern businesses and individuals rise to the challenge and meet (or exceed) the donations of our North West counterparts. 

Let’s all make sure everyone in the North and North West can be given the support they need to feed themselves and their families this winter. 

Let’s keep up the reputation of generosity and community support we have built over the years. 

Donations can be made at all City Mission stores and The Examiner.