Researchers linking law enforcement and public health services

Investigating ways to make sure people do not “fall through the cracks” is the key aim behind a state-wide public consultation being undertaken by the Tasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies.

TILES’ senior researcher Dr Isabelle Bartkowiak-Theron said public input is being sought on ways to integrate better service delivery between law enforcement and public health in a bid to help those most at risk in the community.

“There have been instances where vulnerabilities had been misidentified, or where siloed delivery of support services hindered or could not meet the circumstances of the person needing those services,” she said.

“Through the consultation, we are seeking input from service providers and community members across the state about possible collaborative models.”


Dr Bartkowiak-Theron said it was important for clients to receive the right support at the right time, and sometimes that support came from different agencies but was required all at once.

“Even though all heads of agencies and government are talking whole of government approaches, there are still a few gaps that we need to look into because there are still people who don’t receive the support that they need or who receive it too late.”

One suggestion is establishing new modes of service delivery based on collective impact, which argues for not only a better collaboration of services but an actual integration of services.