Downsize your living space to maximise life

How much space do you really need to live in?

The average home in Australia is 214 square metres.

At the other end of the scale, in Hong Kong, it’s 45 square metres.

In Tassie, we’ve got the second smallest new-built houses in the nation at 188.7 square metres, versus the behemoth 269.7-square-metre mansions of NSW.

But a new trend hopes to make us question what we do with all this space, and do we really need it?

The tiny house movement is cute as a button, and it’s taking off around the world.

It started in the US and spread to Europe, trickled down into the Southern Hemisphere, and is now taking off in Tasmania.

Katie and Tamika Bell are two sisters based out of Forth, and they’ve started Wagonhaus, a tiny house company that aims to reduce the environmental impact of housing, and providing more accessible options.

Their family-sized base home is 21 square metres.

But it’s still got everything you need, including a kitchen sink.

If you look around your house, how much of what fills it actively contributes to your everyday life?

If you were to start afresh, with a clean slate of possessions, what would you need?

The tiny house movement challenges the ideals built up by Western society, that possessions and material goods are necessary for a meaningful life.

If we had less space to fill with aforementioned possessions, would we have more space to appreciate what we had? 

Perhaps it would give us more space to appreciate the relationships in our lives, or the surroundings that we’re in.

With less space, and less possessions, maybe the kitchen table would finally be clutter-free.