42.2 deg: Scamander sets State's hottest record!

TASMANIA recorded its highest recorded temperature at Scamander today when the mercury hit 42.2 degrees, eclipsing yesterday's then record 41.5 degrees at Flinders Island airport.The Bureau of Meteorology's climate services centre said yesterday's hot northerly conditions generated more than a dozen record temperatures.``Most remarkably, by 3 pm Scamander had recorded 42.2 degrees Celsius, eclipsing yesterday's all time Tasmanian record of 41.5 at Flinders Island Airport,'' the spokesman said.St Helens on the East Coast recorded its hottest ever day with 41.1 degrees and Launceston's 38.7 degrees was also a record. St Helen' previous recorded hottest day was February 1, 1983, when the town scorched at 39.8 degrees and Launceston's 38.7 degrees beating the 38.3 degrees reported in 1912. ``Before yesterday, only 17 maximum temperatures records of 40 degrees or more had been recorded in Tasmania - there are now 24!''Other extreme hot spots around Tasmania today included records for (among others):* Ross 41.6* Fingal 41.3* St Helens 41.1* Cressy 40.7* Launceston Airport 40.4* Launceston 38.8* Scottsdale 37.7* Smithton 36.2``Last night was also warm across the State with many locations recording their warmest night ever. ``Melton Mowbray's s 24.0 degrees was the fourth warmest January night on record for the State.''Tomorrow is expected to be hot again in the Central North but milder near the west, south and east coasts of Tasmania where the winds should be onshore.