Legana skate park a dream for region's youth

WAITING: Legana resident Stefen Clark said a skate park in Legana should be a priority. Picture: supplied.

WAITING: Legana resident Stefen Clark said a skate park in Legana should be a priority. Picture: supplied.

A Legana skate park is what the region’s youth want, according to a Legana Community Group member. 

Jim Collier said the group had been lobbying for a skate park in the town for about five years and that a park was still a “priority”.

Legana resident and skater Stefan Clark said he and a lot of others wanted a park in the region. 

“They’re quite important. I think they should be part of any community,” he said. 

“I don’t know the exact problems in the community, but I’d say a skate park should be regarded as a high priority.”

Mr Clark said he had made a lot of social connections through skating at Royal Park. 

He said if a skate park was not built in the area he would like to see a drop-in centre. 


While the West Tamar Council does have a “provision of space” allocated in the Legana structure plan, Mr Collier said by holding a proposed forum with the youth, the council’s general manager was delaying the project.

But general manager Rolph Vos said hearing what the youth want was not procrastination, it was about finding the “best fit”. 

“It’s been three years since the structure plan was passed and some of those youth aren’t youth anymore, so I want to go back to them as ask ‘what’s your need?’,” he said. 

“We want to do some work with the youth, primarily through our youth officer to gauge the best infrastructure for them – that could be a skate park, it could be something else.” 

The council had previously looked at building a temporary skate park at Legana, but received a negative reaction from residents. 

“Since that time we haven’t had opportunity to find a different location and we recognise that there still is a need for appropriate recreation spaces for younger people in Legana,” he said. 

Mr Vos said once an appropriate location was identified and locals had said they do want a skate park that the council would develop it. 

“The reality at this point of time is that we haven’t identified a location and how to best address the needs, that’s why I’m taking that approach – not as a way to try and put off or delay it,” he said.

Community feedback arrangements are still being discussed within the council.