Beaconsfield Activity Centre's ceiling collapse "cosmetic, not structural"

Picture: West Tamar Council's Facebook page.

Picture: West Tamar Council's Facebook page.

Beaconsfield Community Centre Stadium and Loft is closed until further notice due to a ceiling collapse. 

West Tamar mayor Christina Holhmdahl said the council’s engineers believe the collapse was caused by condensation. 

“My engineers tell me it’s a ‘cosmetic collapse, not a structural collapse. It’s the ceiling lining, not the structure,” she said. 

“It’s not a serious matter, it’s more of an inconvenience.”  

Consulting engineers will assess the whole ceiling in the coming days. 

The council’s general manager Rolph Vos said the collapse happened on Tuesday. 

“There is no risk of contamination, or asbestos, it’s all fairly controllable,” he said. 

The council announced the closure on their Facebook page on Thursday morning. 

“The West Tamar Council are working to get the roof repaired and will reopen the community centre as soon as possible,” the post said.