Go, but return to improve our state

Joshua Lowe
Joshua Lowe

I THINK everyone should leave Tasmania, at least for a little while.

It's important to see the world, gain new experiences and fresh perspectives; only then can you both appreciate what this state has to offer, and also conceive of ways to continue growing.

I think we can and should treasure our little hidden island paradise, but also embrace stronger connections to the outside world.

As a young person living here, the relatively slower speed of progress can sometimes be frustrating. Just last year we had a chance to make a stand for equality by supporting same-sex marriage and yet many of our MPs decided not to represent the support from the majority of the public.

Minds change slowly - there is always the underlying belief that forestry is the backbone of the Tasmanian economy, when, in fact now, the arts industry employs a larger number of people.

But the sheltered nature of the island, both physically and conceptually, is also a blessing.

I've found after coming back it has given me countless opportunities to work and grow as a person and an artist.

While it can be exciting and inspiring in bigger cities such as Melbourne, it's so easy to be swept away and become just another face.

There is such a strong sense of support and community here and so much more value in things.

I think apathy is our biggest enemy. I've heard many, often young, people express negative sentiments towards Tasmania but then never make an attempt to instigate change or make things better.

My vision is to see stronger leadership on all levels to utilise the amazing sense of community and support we have here to allow all Tasmanians to think and act proactively, progressively and positively.

•Joshua is a professional contemporary choreographer, producer, dancer and teacher and artistic director of Hobart's Drill Performance Company. He also has a strong connection to Tasdance (Launceston) and has been involved in many other independent dance projects.

•During National Youth Week, The Examiner has invited five people from Northern Tasmania to share their vision for the state.


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