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7 Signs your house needs professional pest control services

7 Signs your house needs professional pest control services

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Once you start to notice some unwanted pests, it can be detrimental to both your house and family in the long run.

Certain insects, such as termites and rodents, can cause significant damage to your property when left unchecked.

Homeowners face several concerns, but when a pest infestation is present, you should not ignore it.

When these creatures are freely running around your property, they can pose a health risk. When pests are in your home, the best move is to look for professional pest control services.

If you're considering dealing with the issue yourself, it can be time-consuming and costly.

If you want to keep your home free of pests, here are the signs to watch out for that it's time to call in a professional for effective removal.

1. Presence Of Droppings Around Your Home

One of the main indications of a pest infestation in your home is droppings. Some of the pests that usually leave behind droppings within the site of infestation include:

  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Termites

The droppings by mice and rats are usually small-sized pellets dark in colour, and you can distinguish them by their strong odour.

Take note that rodent droppings are likely to carry bacteria and disease. If you find these small types of pellets in your home, call a professional right away.

Termite droppings look similar to rodent droppings and also have a pungent odour.

The droppings are small pellets with a grain-like appearance that vary in colour depending on their diet. When dealing with termites, Termite Treatments by Pest-Ex can help keep your home safe.

The droppings by cockroaches do not have any odour in small brown or black cylindrical pellets. The droppings strikingly resemble coffee grounds.

2. Property damage

Always remember that pests can be destructive, which can be a costly ordeal.

When dealing with pests before any damage to your home occurs, you should schedule regular inspections by a professional for any pest-related damage, such as holes, gnawed furniture, and damage to the furniture, wiring, and baseboards.

Sadly, damage to your home indicates that an infestation has been present for some time, and it's likely that there is unseen damage.

After pinpointing damages brought about by pests, it's best to consult a professional in Gold Coast, such as Pest Control by Pest-Ex, to avoid any costly repairs to the infrastructure of your home.

7 Signs your house needs professional pest control services

3. Unusual sounds

When you have significant pests such as mice, rats, and raccoons, they're typically active at night when human activity is low since they're nocturnal.

It simply means that you'll notice unusual sounds during the night, such as scratching, squeaking, or scurrying.

Watch out for any unusual noises originating from the attic, walls, ceilings, floorboards, or crawl spaces.

Once you perceive anything unusual, make the right move by calling a professional.

4. Presence of exoskeletons and wings

Some winged insects are likely to leave behind wings or exoskeletons when they shed or molt.

It's crucial to note that winged ants are notorious for dropping wings along with crickets and termites. The termite wings are easy to distinguish since the prismatic finish strikingly resembles fish scales from a distance.

Ticks shed their exoskeletons a few times throughout the life cycle of an infestation. When you find any dried exoskeletons in your home, it indicates an infestation.

5. Bite marks in food

Rodents are likely to leave behind bite marks in areas around sources of food. Inspect cabinets, garbage bins, pantries, and cardboard boxes for indications of rodent activity.

Some insects such as cockroaches and ants will also move towards food sources, and you can spot them intruding on your food supplies.

As for termites, they utilise the foundation of your home as their source of food.

Over time, it can lead to warping or buckling in the site where their nest is situated. Although this doesn't count as a bite mark, termites can leave behind proof in areas where they have been feeding.

6. Erratic behaviour of pets

When pests are present, your pets will know. Cats become alert if they sense rodent activity in your home.

The same goes for cockroaches which are easier for them to spot. If you have a tick infestation, your dogs are constantly itching and unable to stay still.

7. Spotting pests several times throughout the day

Once you spot pests daily or multiple times throughout the day, you need pest control services.

You might find a trail of ants across the tabletops or counters or mice running around the living room or kitchen.


Depending on the type of pests you find in your home, it's essential to make the right choice by hiring a pest control service. Once you find any of these signs of pest infestation, don't delay in calling a professional to get rid of them efficiently. Maintaining a clean and safe home that's free of pests should always be your priority.