Tornadoes 2018: Lauren Nicholson wins praise from coach Derrick Washington

RUNNING THE GAUNTLET: Tornadoes guard Lauren Nicholson.
RUNNING THE GAUNTLET: Tornadoes guard Lauren Nicholson.

Derrick Washington’s Tornadoes are mounting a top-four challenge, but not led by the Lauren everyone was expecting.

With Lauren Mansfield having missed a chunk of the season to injury and Opals duty, Lauren Nicholson has stepped up to the plate and leads the division’s scorers with more than 25 points a game.

Washington said the 25-year-old was an MVP candidate as well as a potential match-winner in Saturday’s crucial home clash against Diamond Valley. 

“I believe that she is probably the best all-round player in the SEABL this season and is having a MVP type season,” he said. 

“I am really proud of how she has led the team this year and the effort she puts into all aspects of her game.”

Nicholson said she had thrived on taking over the captaincy in Mansfield’s absence.

“I have really enjoyed the extra responsibility… I think I am a leader on the court and am always trying to bring other players into the game,” Nicholson said. 

“The team has really started to gel and when we are playing good basketball we are very hard to stop.

“The style of basketball we are playing is enjoyable to play as well.”

The game starts at 6.30pm.