Tasmanians Fagan and Noble have Brisbane on right track: Alastair Lynch

BUILDING: Brisbane coach Chris Fagan. Picture: Phillip Biggs
BUILDING: Brisbane coach Chris Fagan. Picture: Phillip Biggs

Tasmanian team of the century forward Alastair Lynch says his fellow Apple Islander Chris Fagan has Brisbane on the right track.

The Lions will take to UTAS Stadium this weekend aiming to repeat round nine’s 56-point win and pull off a season double against Hawthorn for the first time since 2006.

Last weekend’s big victory over Carlton marked the Lions’ first back-to-back wins in more than three years and their former champion full-forward said he expected more to come. 

“They’re a good team to watch at the moment,” Lynch said. 

“They’re 16th on the ladder but the foundations are in place for them to really progress over the next couple of years.

“People are enjoying watching Brisbane play, they’re playing a good brand of football and they’ve got some really good kids there and the older players are playing well.

“The group there led by two Tasmanians - Chris Fagan and David Noble - are doing a fantastic job to get this young group developing in the right manner and performing well.

“For the first time in a long time Brisbane Lions supporters have got hope, they can see they’re retaining their young talent, their older players are playing well and you can see in the next year or two they’re going to push to get back into the eight.”

Saturday’s round 17 clash starts at 1.45pm and is Launceston’s final AFL game for the year.