Speed cameras, awareness between Avoca and Fingal discussed

Community concerns over cars speeding on the Esk Highway between Avoca and Fingal sparked discussion at the Break O’Day Council meeting.

However, a motion put forward by councillor Kylie Wright was lost.

The notice of motion sought an investigation by the state government to consider installing permanent or semi-permanent interchangeable speed cameras at either end of Fingal and Avoca, and possibly St Marys.

Councillor Wright said after submitting the motion that an alternative of speed awareness could be a more cost effective option.

“As the road is both straight and relatively wide through these towns, many people forget to check their speed,” Cr Wright said.

“Local residents fear an accident is waiting to happen.

“They could be a visible deterrent in the first instance, and a financial deterrent if ignored.

“It would be a possibility for these to be installed in such a way as that they can be swapped around between locations, but still give the appearance of an active monitor 24/7.”

Councillor Janet Drummond said despite there being an issue with speeding in the area, she was “not sure that speed cameras are the way to progress this.”

“Speed monitors could be a better option,” Cr Drummond said.


“Create little outstands at the entrances to towns where the road narrows a bit to show they are entering a town.”

Councillor John McGiveron said with speed awareness “people know they are not going to be booked”, and was not sure how effective they would be.

Councillor Barry LeFevre said this was an opportunity for council to support the Police Commander “to get the police resources back to where they used to be in the municipality.”

Councillor Hannah Rubenach-Quinn said talking to the Police Commander would deal with the “policing side of things”.

“There still needs to be involvement with the state government or the Department of State Growth for the infrastructure side of things,” she said.

Councillor John Tucker and general manager John Brown said there had been a higher Tasmania Police present in the valley recently.

The motion was moved by Cr Wright and Cr Rubenach-Quinn.

An amendment was moved by Cr Drummond to consult with the Police Commander to see what the available options were for the area. The amendment lapsed due to lack of a seconder.

The original motion was lost unanimously.