Council to vote on budget adjustments on Tuesday

BUDGET: The Meander Valley Council's adjustments won't change its overall spend on capital works.
BUDGET: The Meander Valley Council's adjustments won't change its overall spend on capital works.

The Meander Valley Council will consider capital budget reallocations at its meeting on Tuesday. 

Among the projects touted for a greater budget is works for the Railton Road and Dunorlan Road intersection. 

The new budget, if accepted, would transfer an extra $215,000 to the works that were originally slated for $310,000 of council funding.

Additionally, the council has proposed transferring a further $152,000 for the Gulf Road embankment project at Liffey. 

The proposed reallocations would not translate into an increased spend for the council’s $4.85 million capital works budget.

All adjustments would come from other projects that have been devalued. 

“The overall financial objective in delivering the Capital Works Program is to have a zero net variation in the program budget,” council documents read.

“As part of our ongoing management of projects, council officers review project timelines, budgets, scope and available resources.”

The council will also vote on deputy mayor Michael Kelly’s recommendation to seal more than 500 metres of road at Western Creek. 

The project was recommended by Cr Kelly after a letter was sent to him by a Western Creek resident, offering to pay half of the cost – the total cost was estimated at $35,000 by the man.

However, the council’s director of infrastructure services Dino De Paoli said the council should not approve the works. 

“The proposed seal width, 3.2 metres, is less than the recommended minimum seal width as noted in the current LGAT standard drawings, [four] metres, and council officers would also require placement of a 100 millimetres thick layer of base course rock over the existing pavement prior to sealing,” he said.

“The recommendation below allows for this item to be taken to a future council workshop for a general discussion on [the] council’s preparedness to undertake a program of bitumen sealing for unsealed roads in the network and what measures should be considered when prioritising work of this nature.”

The council’s monthly meeting is at 1.30pm on Tuesday.