Liberals look to take majority government, according to internal polling

Internal polling released by the Liberals has shown the party has a narrow chance of forming majority government.

The question on five push-button polls, between January 20 and February 12, was: “If a state election was held today, who would you likely vote for in your local House of Assembly seat”.

The results, averaged out over the polls, saw 44.2 per cent of respondents pick a Liberal candidate and 29.9 per cent a Labor candidate.

The Greens got 13.6 per cent approval, the Jacqui Lambie Network 5.8 per cent, and even though there are no candidates running, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party got 2.1 per cent approval.

Polls analyst Kevin Bonham said little was known about the accuracy of the polling firm used by the party.

He added the Liberals would not release polling which showed the party in a negative light and there had been a long-running issue with pollsters underestimating Labor’s vote.

On the results, Dr Bonham showed the party would be able to form majority government, however.

“The Liberals want the message to be out that they can win majority government and Labor can’t,” he said.