Cunninghams and Talbot Street jetties in St Helens to be replaced

Picture: Neil Richardson
Picture: Neil Richardson

The Cunninghams and Talbot Street jetties in St Helens are set for a replacement after being closed off from the public on December 1.

Both jetties were recently assessed for structural integrity and safety.

After the assessment was made, the Break O’Day Council deemed both jetties a risk to public safety due to severe damage by teredo worms eating through the pylons, and was forced to close them to the public.

Teredo worms, or teredo navalis, can be a very destructive pest that bores into and lives in submerged timber.

The ownership and management of the jetties were taken over by the council in January after the owners, a local not-for-profit organisation, were unable to keep up with the costs.

The council agreed to take over the jetties as they were aware that otherwise they could both be lost to the community forever.

The Break O’Day Council said they are committed to replacing both structures, as due to the severe damage, they are both currently beyond repair.


Break O’Day mayor Mick Tucker said that the two jetties are an asset to the community that the council do not want to lose.

“These jetties are a real asset to our community and both are popular spots for fishing,” Councillor Tucker said.

“It was not an easy decision to make to close them, but we have a responsibility to ensuring the safety of our community and visitors to the area.

“We understand how important these jetties are to our community and we will be doing everything we can to ensure they are replaced with structures that will stand the test of time so that can continue to be enjoyed for years to come,” Cr Tucker said.

According to the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water, and Environment, the Talbot Street and Cunninghams jetties are amongst the popular fishing spots in the area.

The council had allocated $110,000 in the budget for this financial year toward jetty upgrades. 

These funds will now be used for the two replacements, and the council said they will also work to secure additional funding for the project.