Connection improvements promote growth in rural Tasmania

Connectivity: Andrew Ross, Telstra Network engineer at Hayes Hill mobile site, Flinders Island Tasmania. Picture:Caley Pearce

Connectivity: Andrew Ross, Telstra Network engineer at Hayes Hill mobile site, Flinders Island Tasmania. Picture:Caley Pearce

Over the past 12 months, Telstra has focussed heavily on infrastructure, technology and community investments that will provide new and improved connectivity for Tasmanians and support local growth.

With a focus on upgrading our networks to meet future technology needs, our local team has been busy completing significant transmission upgrades across the Bass Strait. 

We have also been working with all levels of government to co-fund infrastructure to extend and improve the services we can offer our remoter Tasmanian customer.

Flinders Island and Cape Barren Telecommunications project:

Work has recently commenced on this once in a generation technology transformation project, driven by nearly $11 million investment, with funding contributions from Telstra, the Tasmanian Government, Federal Government and Flinders Island Council under the Federal Government’s Building Better Regions Fund.

The project includes upgraded transmission capacity, a 76 kilometres optical fibre link, upgrades to existing mobile stations and construction of four new 3G/4GX mobile base stations.

When completed, residents, businesses, and tourists will be able to do embrace technology in a range of ways including streaming HD video content, cloud computing and video chatting with friends and family.  

Mobile Black Spot Program:

Telstra is building 17 new mobile base stations across rural and regional Tasmania under the Federal Government’s Mobile Blackspot Program (MBSP).

This will deliver Telstra’s 3G and state of the art 4GX mobile data services to those communities for the first time.

Telstra is also installing some 4G small cells to deliver high-speed data services and VoLTE mobile calls in some small country towns where suitable Telstra infrastructure is available.

The program is rolling out at pace, with MBSP Base Stations complete in 11 locations including Eggs and Bacon Bay, Whitefoord, Sisters Beach, Mole Creek, Targa, Nunamara, Lulworth, Rossarden, Melrose, Elliott and Gawler and 22 small cells on air. 

4GX Upgrades:

Telstra has upgraded more than 25 locations across Tasmania to our 4GX services, meaning increased capacity for the local mobile network, giving locals improved and more consistent data speeds.

Locations include Buckland, Newnham, Oatlands, and Orford

Telstra has also built new mobile coverage in Derby, Weldborough, Lake Barrington and Adventure bay to support international mountain bike and rowing events.

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