2017 Tasmanian BMX titles | Results

HAPPY TIMES: Launceston BMX club riders that took part in the state titles on the weekend.
HAPPY TIMES: Launceston BMX club riders that took part in the state titles on the weekend.

About 160 riders of all ages sweated it out at the Tasmanian BMX state titles in Launceston over the weekend.

The youngest rider was aged two years, while the eldest rider was 58 more years in advance, with plenty of high-intensity racing on display.

Riders were from all three Tasmanian clubs – Launceston, Southern City and Wynyard – with visitors from Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory.

“There were some spectacular crashes, one just before the finish line while he was leading the race and two crashes over the finish line with riders colliding,” Launceston promotions officer Mark Bracken said.

“Thankfully there was no injuries other than grazes and bruised egos. Rider of the event went to Campbell Whitney and the team challenge went to YESS Tasmania development squad.”

SATURDAY RESULTS – 24 inch cruisers


1: Luke Christiano (VIC), 2: Harry Schofield (QLD), 3: Cohan Smith (LBMX).

35 to 39-year-olds 

1: Reece Ellis (WYN), 2: Aaron Brown (LBMX), 3: Ben Oxley (SC).

40 to 44-year-olds 

1: Stephen Van Anholt (SC), 2: Matt French (WYN), 3: Ben Evans (WNY).


1: Andrew Bayes (LBMX), 2: Scott Murray (WYN), 3: Graham Rogers (SC).

8 to 11-year-olds

1: Max Jackson (SC), 2: Talon Evans (WYN), 3. Brodie Nicholson (VIC).

12 to 14-year-olds

1: Zane Van Anholt (SC), 2: Harry Schofield (QLD), 3. Tylar Jenni (SC).


8-year-old boys

1: Cohan Christiano (VIC), 2: Ollie Beams (SC), 3: Aiden Thornton (VIC).

9-year-old girls

1: Amy Bracken (LBMX), 2: Sarah O’Callaghan (SC), 3: Casey Kirkland (WYN).

9-year-old boys

1: Saxon Van Anholt (SC), 2: Thomas Foot (VIC), 3. Jacob French (WYN).

10-year-old boys 

1: Campbell Whitney (LBMX), 2: Riley Glanville (VIC), 3: Zeth Griffith (WYN).

11-year-old girls

1: Sascha Greenway (WYN), 2: Shelby Steward (LBMX), 3: Haylee O’Callaghan (SC).

11-year-old boys

1: Rylee Kemp (WYN), 2: Cohan Smith (LBMX), 3: Max Jackson (SC).

13-year-old boys

1: Will Eaves (WYN), 2: Tylar Jenni (SC), 3: Jack Thorp (VIC).

14-year-old girls

1: Courtney Oostendorp (QLD), 2: Amber Rossborough (VIC), 3: Lily Schofield (QLD).

14-year-Plus boys

1: Zane Van Anholt (SC), 2: Riley Patrick (NT), 3: Harrison Templeton (WYN).

35 to 39-year-old men

1: Luke Christiano (VIC), 2: Adam Kemp (WYN), 3: Brodie Emmerton (WYN).

Ladies’ super-class

1: Justine Lane (WA), 2: Breanna Oxley (SC), 3: Jordy Gill (SC).

Men’s super-class

1: Tonn Haydon (WYN), 2: Reece Ellis (WYN), 3: Bryce Lane (WA).