2017 Tamar Cats Annual General Meeting | Thursday, October 19

SUPPORT CALL: Tamar Cats president Ken Philips.

SUPPORT CALL: Tamar Cats president Ken Philips.

Tamar Cats have been forced to reschedule their annual meeting due to a lack of numbers in attendance on Sunday.

President Ken Philips said only incumbent committee members bothered to show up and encouraged all with an interest in the NTFA division 2 club to attend on Thursday, October 19, at the clubrooms, from 7pm.

“For this club to succeed, we need life members, players and supporters to start to show support,” he said.

“We hope to see as many people who care about the club there.

“The committee is an important part of any club as it is where all the decisions are made by people donating their time for the club’s benefit. Without a committee, there is no club.”

Philips said all office bearing and general committee positions were open for election, and asked for more people to consider volunteering.

The Cats finished 2017 in seventh spot with a 6-10 win-loss record.