Timeline of Reliquaire’s journey since 2015

Reliquaire: 2015 to now
Reliquaire: 2015 to now
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Reliquaire, the shop that helped put Latrobe on the international map, is reopening on Monday, October 9.

Co-founder Sylvia Christie said the days before the reopening were pretty hectic, but she was excited.

Although the new building is more modern, Mrs Christie said loyal customers would still have lots of quirky ways to weave through the store.

The reopening comes almost two years after a $3 million fire destroyed it and rocked the Latrobe community.

Shocked residents could only watch as firefighters battled the fierce Reliquaire blaze early on Christmas eve in 2015. 

With 20 years of business in tatters, the Reliquaire family was at a loss, Sylvia Christie said.

A crowdfunding campaign raised $10,000 to help the Christie family get back on their feet by opening a temporary store in Hamilton Street.

Reliquaire is known internationally as an eclectic wonderland of dolls, teddies, jewellery, Venetian masks, puppets, games, science and education items and antique furniture.