NTFA coaches tip South over Bracknell

FAVOURITES: Division 1 coaches have backed in South Launceston to clinch another premiership.
FAVOURITES: Division 1 coaches have backed in South Launceston to clinch another premiership.

NTFA division 1 coaches have tipped winners and Clarrie Boon medallists for Saturday’s grand final between South Launceston and Bracknell.

Bulldogs coach Leigh Harding was a popular choice for best-on-ground with three nominations, while Luke Mccarty was nominated twice.


TIP: South by 20 points

MEDAL: Jordan Tepper or Jake Laskey 

“I think it’s going to be a pretty close grand final.

They’ve both got very good assets all over the ground, Bracknell have obviously got a pretty dangerous full-forward and I think South’s midfield is pretty strong.

Just with the skills and probably the way (South) have been playing the last couple of months, I thought they were the benchmark from the start of the year and I think they’ll probably just get up.”


TIP: South by 20 points 

MEDAL: Luke Mccarty

“I reckon South Launnie with the game style they’ve got I think it’ll hold up on the bigger ground.

I think they’re pretty even across the whole ground from the back half through to their forwards, not by much but they’ve probably got the better all-round use.”


Picture: Facebook

Picture: Facebook

TIP: South by 21 points

MEDAL: Leigh Harding 

“They’ve got a good running midfield and they’ve got strength right through from the backline, the on-ballers are really good, a good forward line and a good setup.”


TIP: South by 15 points

MEDAL: Leigh Harding 

“I think South will probably get over the top with their experienced midfield but Bracknell will put up a good fight.” 


TIP: South by 16 points

MEDAL: Leigh Harding

“Their fitness and their run and carry and foot skills will probably get them over the line against Bracknell, especially on a bigger ground.

They’ve probably been the best team we’ve played this year the way they’ve moved the ball and how deep they bat with their personnel on-field. 

Across the board they’ve got too many good players that Bracknell won’t be able to cover them all but I think it will be tight, I don’t think there’ll be a lot in it.”


TIP: South by 16 points

MEDAL: Luke Mccarty

“Both teams can win.

If it turns into a contested footy game then Bracknell might, but I’d say South will probably turn it into a running game so they might get over the line with that I reckon.”