Mole Creek's stories told to Tasmanian leaders

A passion for regional communities has combined with a love of film making at Mole Creek. 

A group of six Tasmanian leaders have made a series of short films documenting the town.

Group member, and Tourism Northern Tasmania’s chief executive, Chris Griffin said the project was a part of last year’s Tasmanian Leaders Program. 

With a professional film maker in the mix, the team decided to make a series of short films. 

“We interview about half a dozen people, but there were four in particular older characters who had lived in Mole Creek all their lives,” Mr Griffin said.

“It was really about them talking about Mole Creek in perhaps a better way than the younger generation’s knowledge would be able to.” 

The films all have different themes. Mr Griffin said a couple were “very much” about the local community, whereas others could be used to promote the region. 

The idea to showcase the region came from fellow team member and Mole Creek local Susan McLeod.

“We, as a group, were brain storming what we could do in a regional community to connect different generations, particularly the disruptions that technology has caused in some of these areas,” Mr Griffin said. 

“Susan put her hand up and said ‘I come from Mole Creek and I think this would be fantastic for my small town’.” 

The films, which took about a year to create, were launched at The Mole Creek Progress Association’s Spring Feast.

“We took the opportunity to present one of the films to the community to say this is what we did,” Mr Griffin said. 

“There were a number of people in the room who were involved. It was really important for us to be able to show the community the film and get their feedback.”

Mr Griffin said the resident’s reaction was positive. 

“They were really excited about it. They were wanting us to burn DVDs of them,” he said. 

While the group doesn’t want to commercialise the project, they hope the films can be used to benefit the community. 

“It was an absolute pleasure listening to these guys tell their tales,” Mr Griffin said.