Northern Midlands Council approve Midland Highway stage two plans

Plans for the Midland Highway upgrades were approved by the Northern Midlands Council on Monday night.

The stage two plans were for the Perth Link Roads. 

Residents Hugh McKinnon and Dee Alty spoke against the proposal and raised concerns about the level of noise the highway would create.

Ms Alty again raised concerns of the highway cutting off two communities. 

“(The highway) might be great for traffic travelling to Burnie, but we have a community here that needs to be considered,” she said. 

Councillors Dick Adams and Janet Lambert voted against approving the plans.

Cr Adams wanted the council to wait for a parliamentary works committee report to be returned. 

Cr Lambert shared his concerns, fearing once the plans were approved by the council there would be no chance to discuss the report with state growth. 

“Once we make a decision tonight, I don’t believe we’re going to be able to back to state growth,” she said.

Cr Lambert also had concerns with the highway’s stormwater. 

“People of Perth deserve a little more than this,” she said.


Councillor Andrew Calvert voted for the upgrades saying it was a “wonderful opportunity” for Perth.

“If we put this off tonight, we’ve been told it won’t happen again for another 12-18 months,” he said. “I think we have a great opportunity before us.”

While Councillor Richard Goss did have some concerns with the plans, he voted for them. 

“This is going to make a really big difference to the Northern Midlands,” he said. 

“The benefits it is going to have for the [region’s] communities is going to be massive.”