Winter Relief Appeal 2017: The Examiner launches its winter appeal for those in hardship

Every winter there is something inevitable that always happens – we all turn our heaters up.

But can you imagine what it might be like for those who find themselves, through a series of unfortunate events, out on the streets, with nowhere to go and nowhere warm to take refuge from the cold winter nights in Northern Tasmania?

Being in that situation, whether it’s being homeless, or being somewhere on that sliding scale, is a place that no-one wants to be. 

But to make things harder, imagine having to walk into a place like the Salvation Army or City Mission, to ask for some help.

Pride is a fickle thing but it is one thing that we all usually have in common – we don’t like asking for help. That is why we at The Examiner are asking for them. 

On Sunday, The Examiner launched its 59th Winter Relief appeal, along with our partners at the Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul, the Launceston Benevolent Society and City Mission.

The appeal asks all of our readers to consider donating to this year’s Winter Relief so our appeal partners can keep doing the best they can to help those who are doing it tough this year.

The scary fact of the matter is, hardship can happen to anyone. It can happen to your best mate or it can happen to the stranger you pass while on your way to get your morning coffee.

Hardship doesn’t discriminate and you never know when it might touch your life.

Just like how hardship doesn’t discriminate, neither do we at The Examiner. We hope everyone will consider donating to our appeal, whether that is big or small – every bit counts.

There are several ways that you can donate to The Examiner’s Winter Relief appeal: in person, by mail or by hosting a collection tin in your business.

Donations can be made at Fairfax Tasmania’s Launceston, Hobart and Devonport offices and at businesses who are displaying a Winter Relief appeal tin. 

In addition, people can host a Winter Relief event to raise funds for the appeal – get in touch with us to find out how you can help.

All funds raised go to our four Winter Relief partners to help them to continue to provide vital services to those who need our help, to ensure no one is left out in the cold this winter.