Women's 5km walk-run awareness program

Harcourts Women’s 5km walk/run takes place on Sunday March 2. The aim? To not only raise the profile of breast cancer and raise much needed funds for the Tasmanian Cancer Council but for women to have fun and be active.

Over the next 5 weeks, The Examiner will profile five women each of whom have been affected by breast cancer. We will capture their story and also provide weekly tips and hints to not only achieve fitness goals but to set and achieve new lifestyle goals as well. 

Our first profile will be published next week.

The Launceston gym's Claire Rodman and Emma Pitomaki will work closely with five women affected by breast cancer aiming to complete the Launceston course.

The instructors said they would first work with the trainees to find their restrictions and goals. The first stage was organising a tech appointment and working on a personalised program.

``We'll then help them along that path,'' Pitomaki said.

Rodman said regular appointments and face-to-face contact at PYCSAM helped keep people motivated.

Both instructors instructed participants to start small and slowly build the intensity of their workouts.

They suggested attending classes at the gym to help ease people into things and learn appropriate techniques.

``Try two walks a week _ even starting small, for the first month just do one walk a week,'' Pitomaki said.

``Always be positive, keep positive people around you. We all have setbacks, you just need to push through them.''

For details on the Women's 5km Race, go to the website http://womens5k.com/