No answer 

RECENTLY I had reason to call the Launceston City Council's urgent after-hours assistance telephone number on a Saturday due to a massive swarm of bees making their home on the footpath outside my residence.  When I logged the call, I was advised that it would be at least 24 hours before anyone could attend to the situation. My name and telephone number were taken. As at Wednesday, November 21, I have still not received any phone call and no one attended to the call. First, I would have thought that a large swarm of bees on a footpath, taking up most of the width of the footpath, would be a priority due to the fact that so many children these days have allergies, and would have warranted attendance in a very reasonable time. Second, what is the use of an urgent after-hours assistance number in the telephone book if 24 hours is the time span before anyone would attend? A response from the council would be appreciated. 

- VICKI PORTER, West Launceston.