Living in a non-digital world

Sometimes I feel like I'm alone in the world.

You see, I still buy CDs.

Not only do I still buy CDs, I only buy CDs.

Someone gave me an iTunes voucher for my birthday once.

I think I bought three songs that I'd heard on the radio from a newly released album.

And that was my foray into the new age of consuming music.

You see, by having the album spelled out in front of me - with an (over-priced) price next to each song - I panicked and just bought the three I knew.

Who knows what other gems I missed out on?

When one purchases a CD, the first (usually) thing that one does is whack it in one's closest CD-playing device.

And then you proceed to listen to it from start to finish over and over again.

Or just once if it's terrible.

So that's the first problem I have with digital music - you can miss stuff.

The second is security.

Sure, you can scratch a CD to buggery, you can lend it to some ninny who will never give it back or you can sell it in a moment of desperation. But that's just one CD. Or five if you choose unreliable ninnies to lend them to.

But, and I know this for a fact, computers crash, hard drives break and iPods get stolen.

Tech-experts always say ``back up your files!!!'' but how many times can you back it up? How many times can you honestly be bothered? (Being honest, my answer is three times - and I still manage to lose stuff.)

And this cloud business.

Look, I just don't trust it.

I just don't trust giving a computer - or even a cloud - my entire music collection. Years worth of collecting and pocketfuls of money.

I like being able to hold my music collection in my hands, read through the cover to see what the artist is trying to get through my thick skull, and the best bit - swapping it with friends and discovering new stuff.

Sure, you can swap digital music collections with pals, but trawling through 2.7GB of complete back catalogues . . . phew!

I do realise I'm a bit lazy when it comes to embracing this new music consumption culture, I could do more, but I'm happy living in the past with my compact discs.

Do you still buy CDs? Are you digital only? A mix of both? Or even more prehistoric, a devout record-only buyer?


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