Pulp mill activists arrested

An activist chained underneath the Hazel Bros truck.
An activist chained underneath the Hazel Bros truck.

TWO people were arrested after protests and the Gunns pulp mill site at Bell Bay this morning.

A man who locked himself underneath an equipment moving truck was charged with public nuisance and breaching his bail conditions.

Police said the man was locked on by thumb cuffs in a metal casing and had to be cut free by a search and rescue squad.

The Hazell Bros truck was carrying a road roller on to the site.

A woman was also charged with negligent driving, breach of bail conditions, and aiding in the commission of a simple offence.

The activists vehicle and the truck collided before the man locked himself underneath it. No one was injured.

Members of ``direct

action'' environmental

group Code Green said they blocked the truck in protest of continued earthworks on the site, which they said should have stopped when the EPA permit expired last week.

The permit required Gunns to undertake ``substantial commencement'' on the site before August 30.

EPA director Alex Schaap has requested Gunns prove they made ``substantial commencement'' on the project before the deadline and said he would determine if the permit was still valid in a few weeks.