Seniors Week

CONGRATULATIONS to COTA on the excellent program assembled for Seniors Week.  Interesting displays and events right across the state had been planned.   We have become spoilt with choices. 

The message being strongly conveyed is that seniors can lead interesting, productive lives with involvement in a wide range of activities providing physical and mental stimulation.   It behoves all of us seniors to get active in our participation not just during this week, but every week.  Our well-being is enhanced by doing so.

Dick James, Launceston.


THERE are important steps to be taken should the Tasmanian parliament want to acknowledge the tragic history of Aboriginals in Tasmania.

The first is to engage with Aboriginal people to ensure the gesture is welcome. This was not done. The parliamentary committee assumed Aboriginals agreed even when told it was not the case. As an indication of the lack of Aboriginal involvement, there were apparently two Aboriginals on hand to support the parliamentary motion on Thursday.

Second, the type of acknowledgement should be agreed to. In this case words are to be inserted in the State constitution. Most calls have been for land returns, Aboriginal representation in the parliament and protection of heritage as the best way to acknowledge harm caused.

That the parliamentarians pushed ahead with their own version anyway undermines the gesture they intended, diminishes its impact and causes more division.

Michael Mansell, Launceston.

A helping hand

I WAS walking down the steps from South Bank to Kings Bridge when I missed a step. I ended up at the feet of a gentleman coming up.

I would like to thank him, Richard, for staying with me while I collected my scattered thoughts and the gallantly helped me to my feet. It must have taken about 10 minutes and he was very patient. Many thanks once again Richard, for your help.

Glennis Sleurink, Launceston.