North Launceston coach Zane Littlejohn and Glenorchy's Aaron Cornelius reflect after the grand final

Both North Launceston coach Zane Littlejohn and Glenorchy’s Aaron Cornelius showed the emotional effects of a grand final after Saturday’s State League season decider.

“That’s the beauty about sport – it can be a killer or you can write some fairytales at times,” Littlejohn said after the game.

“There are a whirlwind of emotions that go on as coach and I said to the players and all the people in the changerooms that I can now call myself a North Launceston person.

“It’s a proud footy club now –  I said when I got the job that I wanted to leave it in a better place that I found it and I hope I have done that –  it would have been nice to have won a a premiership today but unfortunately that wasn’t the result.

“There are so many good people at this footy club and people who have given me an opportunity and made me the person I am today.

“Without those people this footy club wouldn’t be in the position it is and I wouldn’t be in the position I am in nor would the players – that’s what makes it harder than anything today you are leaving so many good people and they didn’t get the reward that we believe they deserve.”

Cornelius revealed his ongoing battle to return from horrific leg injuries to coach Glenorchy and was unsure of his coaching future.

“Not to obviously internalise or make it about myself – it is obviously about the footy club – but it has been a long road to get back and there has been a lot of tears with family members and my partner after the game,” he said.

“All those moments in hospital and it has been a long road to keep a brave face and push these guys to the limit.

“When you are under pressure and co-ordinate a lot of guys and go through all the ups and downs as well as trying to manage all my personal stuff going on – it’s been a great challenge and this is what it is about winning in a team sport and making friends for the rest of your life.

“I am just going to enjoy this moment – I’ve got a lot of stuff going on and lots of different surgeries and starting a family and I will just enjoy this and reassess during the week.

“I love this footy club and I want to be here so we will see what eventuates.”

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