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Enough is enough

THIS is a letter to the people who can and must make it possible for voluntary euthanasia to be made legal and accessible to people in real life and death situations where there is no further medical intervention that can aid a meaningful recovery.

It is also to the wider community, who if or when they find themselves and their loved ones in such a situation would want this option truly available.

Years ago my father was terminally ill and following all medical help available had to wait till his body eventually closed down.

Now 10 years on, my beautiful mother has found herself in a similar situation that she or anyone would never want to happen.

Due to what doctors have described as a final devastating infection my mother is faced with insurmountable odds, after battling one of many infections following an operation three months earlier.

Throughout it all mum has quietly fought each new obstacle or illness with incredible grace. Mum is now struggling to breath and is physically and mentally exhausted.

Why would any compassionate society not allow a person in these or similar situations to have the choice to say they have had enough and be quietly and gently euthanised.

Terminally ill and like-minded people in the community should not have their dying wish continually quashed by do-gooders who say legalising euthanasia would be abused even with safeguards in place.

Why should the overwhelming majority not have the legal right to die peacefully.

Brent Wright, Launceston.

Poor attitudes

A DEFINITION of selfishness - using a 12-item-or-less "fast" checkout when you have more than 12 items.

Some people with serious illnesses and disabilities use these 12-items-or-less checkouts to minimise (hopefully) their time standing and those who use a 12-items-or-less checkout show a selfish and disregarding attitude.

Supermarkets should enforce the 12-items-or-less rule to the benefit of their customers who have serious illnesses and disabilities.

Les Nibbs, Mowbray.

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