Salesmen's scaled down samples set to impress

AN EXHIBIT harking back to yesteryear is expected to intrigue attendees at this weekend's annual Eskleigh Doll, Bear and Miniature Fair.

Prospect Vale's Country Club Tasmania will host the event, this year featuring a snapshot of the life of early 1900s salesmen.

A collection of what appears to be children's furniture will this year be displayed by long-time exhibitor Jodie Campbell.

Ms Campbell said the tiny sets, known as salesmen's samples, were the precursor to today's catalogue.

"When people made furniture they used to make a scale model to take in the horse and cart to all the ironmongers," she said.

"People could then order in the human size the pieces to sell in their store."

The collection bug runs strongly through Ms Campbell's family.

She said her parents and siblings were involved in collecting and displaying items of special interest.

She said part of the joy of exhibiting was talking to those who shared their passion.

"When we did the rocking horses last year - we've got them from 1800s and up - that many men turned up to the doll fair to see us, they wanted to talk about the horses they had," Ms Campbell said.

"We normally put old stuff on display, so many people's mums had something similar or their grandmas had it, it's interesting."

She said $1 from every attendee would go towards the running and maintenance of Perth's Eskleigh facility.

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