Muscle master meets apprentice

DEVONPORT cabinet maker Brad Lunson spent most of yesterday consuming information and advice from one of his biggest idols.

Mr Australia and Mr Olympia Nathan Wallace was in Launceston to hold one-on-one training sessions and 19-year-old Lunson, who won the teenage and overall men's divisions at the INBA Hobart Classic on Saturday, was keen to learn from the master muscle man.

``I love getting in the gym and challenging myself and setting personal goals along the way,'' Lunson said.

``The goal is to follow Nathan, but we'll see _ it would be great.''

Wallace, 26, said bodybuilding and powerlifting had grown in recent years, mainly out of vanity.

He said he hoped people started to realise that their own health was very important also.

``This sport is about health and fitness, trying to make people aware of being healthy, not just looking good,'' Wallace said.

``I do see the use and abuse of steroids in gyms but generally the numbers in the natural bodybuilding competitions are growing.

``I think the standard has increased so much that people are able to see what can be achieved naturally, and not have to turn to steroids.''

Wallace said bodybuilding and powerlifting complemented each other and he gave aspirants advice on training, nutrition, macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, dieting and supplementations.

``For me they work hand in hand. You are silly if you are a powerlifter not to put some sort of bodybuilding type training in and vice-versa,'' he said.

Wallace also held a Q&A at Anytime Fitness following a series of sessions with Launceston powerlifters.

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