Rank and file may get a say on leadership

LABOR'S rank and file members look set to get a say in who becomes opposition leader.

Outgoing premier Lara Giddings wants to stay on and is working hard to secure support among the re-elected Labor MPs.

After leading the party to a crushing loss, Ms Giddings said on Sunday she was open to all options, including opening the position to a ballot.

It's understood Bryan Green, who served as her deputy in the last term of government, is prepared to run for the position.

ALP state secretary John Dowling said a ballot would give members and affiliated unions an equal say.

"I'd encourage as many people to stand for the leadership so that there can be a ballot," Mr Dowling said.

The next steps won't be decided until the results are officially declared, which could take more than another week.

Lara Giddings

Lara Giddings