New constables embark on new journey

EAGER Tasmania Police recruits yesterday had a chance to wear in new boots as they made their debut on the Launceston beat.

The new constables, varying in ages and backgrounds, graduated last Friday _ a result of a 28-week Tasmania Police training course.

It's 101 careers and 101 jobs, according to Launceston Inspector Michael Johnston.

``Their opportunities are almost limitless,'' Inspector Johnston said.

``During these first few years of their time in the job, they'll have those opportunities to go to the academy and attend courses to broaden their skills and to move on to specialising in criminal investigation, or drugs, whatever they choose.''

New police Constable Evelyn Steane said she had come from studying education at university.

``I joined a few years ago when recruiting stopped,'' Constable Steane said.

``I went to university in the meantime, but it still seemed appealing when it came up again.

``We did some negotiating at the end of the course, which I found really good, learning how to talk to people in different circumstances.''

Inspector Johnston said firearms, driving, law and social studies were just some of the aspects for new officer training.

``We have recruiting opportunities out there all the time,'' he said.

``There were hundreds of applicants for these two courses that we had to work through . . . it was a busy time recruiting, but we get good people out of it.

``It's the next chapter for them in a policing career.''

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