Rubbish removers find cans, vintage car

ABOUT 20 SelfHelp Workplace employees spent yesterday morning cleaning rubbish from the banks of the Tamar River at Kings Park.

A Hillman Minx motor car was one of the largest objects found during yesterday's clean-up as part of the 24th annual CleanUp Australia Day, in which more than half a million volunteers scoured 7000 sites across the country.

Jim Collier led 20 volunteers from the Legana Community Group and said they discovered the half-submerged car in rice grass on the bank of the river.

Mr Collier said the group discussed, and strongly supported, container deposit legislation and called on the state and federal governments to stand up to self-interested opponents.

``Our three-hour collection uncovered a truck tyre, a bale of ring-lock fencing wire, steel rod lengths, 92 aluminium cans, 190thplastic bottles and containers, 63 glass bottles and jars as well as cardboard drink containers, plastic, paper and general rubbish,'' he said.

The self-help group's general manager Donna Bain said  although she understood the group collected less rubbish than last year, she was disappointed at the amount collected.

``We collected 600 items from 100 metres of foreshore in a single hour,'' she said.

``The number of containers recovered was particularly disappointing _ we believe a container deposit scheme would have benefits for the economy, the environment and the community and we believe there's a role for social enterprise in the recycling program.

``That would create more employment opportunities for people with disabilities and, perhaps, the long-term unemployed as well.''

The volunteers collected 170 plastic bags and bag pieces, 29 plastic beverage containers, 60 plastic bottle tops, 25 juice bottle seals, 41 glass drink bottles, 16 aluminium drink cans, 42 pieces of polystyrene, 86 cigarette butts, four cigarette lighters, 31 pieces of broken glass, 19 plastic straps and 60 straws.

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