'Foul play' considered in missing mum case

POLICE are concerned a Sorell woman who has been missing for five days may have met with ``foul play.''

Mother of two Jodi Michele Eaton, 28, was last seen in a house in Sage Court, Bridgewater, at 2.30am on Saturday.

Bridgewater Detective Inspector Tim Dooley said police had uncovered evidence which made them ``increasingly concerned'' about her welfare.

Detective Inspector Dooley said police had conducted a forensic search of the house, extensive searches of the area and spoken to more than 20 people.

He said some of those people, including people who had been at the party, had been interviewed at Bridgewater Police Station and were considered persons of interest.

``We are concerned that there might be some foul play with regard to Jodi's disappearance as well,'' he said.

Fourteen detectives were involved in the search today, as well as uniformed police and trainees from the Police Academy who assisted with line searches on the East Derwent Highway.

Detective Inspector Dooley said Ms Eaton and her partner had quarrelled at the house in front of witnesses before her partner left.

He confirmed police had spoken to Ms Eaton's partner that night, but would not say what that conversation related to. 

He said Ms Eaton's partner returned to the Sage Court house the next day after Ms Eaton had been noticed missing at 7am.

However Inspector Dooley said police were ``comfortable'' with their discussions with him.

``We have spoken to him and have been able to coroborate what he said to a significant degree,'' he said.

Detective Inspector Dooley refused to comment on suggestions a member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Gang had been present at the house.

He said Ms Eaton's family was very anxious, and refused to say whether the search had been scaled up to a murder investigation.

``We very much hope that Jodi will be found, but as time passes with what we know at this time, we have some serious concerns,'' he said.

Anyone with information can contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

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