Parking bingles top Tassie crash list

HATE parking your car in the tight spaces at the supermarket?

It is probably because Tasmanian drivers have a poor record of pranging their vehicles into stationary objects.

Statistics from AAMI's annual crash index revealed that parked car dings resulted in 27.1 per cent of crashes on the state's roads - compared with 21.4 per cent nationally.

Collisions with stationary objects were 22.5 per cent in Tasmania, while Australia wide nose to tail (27.8 per cent) crashes accounted for the highest number of incidents.

Spokesman Reuben Aitchison said the data was collected from analysing about 250,000 claims in 2012-13.

``The proportion of collisions with stationary objects and parked cars on Tasmanian roads is slightly more than last year, indicating that Tassie drivers are getting worse at judging safe distances and paying attention,'' he said.

``A lot of these types of accidents tend to happen in shopping centre car parks where turning circles are a lot tighter than they once were.''

Launceston P-plater Caitlyn Morice, 17, said car spaces should be made bigger to reduce the number of car park prangs.

``The spaces are so small and people should probably pay more attention,'' she said.

``If they are a bit wider, it would make it easier.''

Top Tasmanian crash causes:

1. Parked car dings.

2. Hitting a stationary object.

3. Nose to tail.

4. Failure to give way.

5. Collision while reversing.

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