New Year resolutions a no-no for this duo

SICK of making New Year's resolutions you struggle to see through?

Tired of being overcome by guilt when, sooner or later, they fall by the wayside?

Here's one you should be able to keep: stop making resolutions in the first place.

Newstead resident Susan Keleher encouraged people to stress less and stay calm as they see in the new year.

``Life's so unpredictable,'' Ms Keleher said.

``There's no point making a new year's resolution only for it to become superfluous the next day.''

Ms Keleher said the idea of making New Year's resolutions had never appealed to her.

``I've never made a decision to focus on resolutions,'' she said.

``I've had my ups and downs, just like everybody else, but I just work through them as them come.''

Lounging beside Ms Keleher in the dappled shade of City Park trees this week was friend Jane Wilson, of Launceston.

Ms Wilson said for a very long time, she had forgotten all about New Year's resolutions.

``I did have passing thoughts about this time last year of some resolutions, but I never carried them out,'' she said.

``I make changes in my life at other times, but not at new year.''

Ms Wilson said she had made quite a few big changes to her life in 2013.

``I gave up drinking the occassional glass of red wine a few weeks ago, and have been eating much less sugar,'' she said.

`` I don't need new year's resolutions to be able to make changes.''

Ms Wilson said it was important for people to have goals and see things through.

``But as John Lennon said, life is what happens when you're busy making other plans,'' she said.

``Happy New Year to all, and look after the planet.''

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