Speeding offences down during Crossroads

POLICE have praised Tasmanian road users for adhering to speed limits, after the number of speeding offences detected since the start of Operation Crossroads fell below that recorded last year.

Inspector Darren Hopkins said police were also pleased to see that there have been very few serious crashes and no fatal crashes so far.

As of this morning, there have been 68 crashes reported across the state with only six of those serious enough to require hospitalisation. 

The causes of the crashes have included: failure to give way/disobey red light, unroadworthy vehicle and unlicensed driver, inattention and inexperience.

Operation Crossroads is an Australia and New Zealand-wide police blitz on road safety, which started on Monday and continues until Friday, January 3.

Tasmanian results so far, in comparison to this time last year, include:

*Random breath tests conducted: 8366, up 8 per cent.

*Drink-driving offences detected: 28, up 4 per cent.

*Drug tests conducted: 19, down 44 per cent.

*Positive drug tests: nine, down 10 per cent.

*Licence offences detected: 64, up 8 per cent.

*Traffic fines issued: 460, up 5 per cent.

*Speeding offences: 303, down 4 per cent.

*Vehicles clamped or confiscated: three, down 40 per cent.

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