Freeman lifts bar in contests

LAUNCESTON'S Bridget Freeman has enjoyed success in the competitive sport of physique and figure competitions returning home with two national titles and a second place at an international event in Indonesia.

The 42-year-old mum said the sport was similar to bodybuilding in that it required muscle tone and low body-fat percentages, but physique and figure competitors did not need as much muscle size and had to retain their femininity.

Freeman was the overall figure champion at the Australian Natural Bodybuilding titles and the overall masters physique champion at the International Natural Bodybuilding Association titles in Melbourne.

She also finished second in the figure international and open physique classes at the international event in Bali.

"It's been a long year of muscle building and then dieting down to strip off the fat to reveal the muscle as well as the time and expense with the last month of travelling," Freeman said.

"I've been lucky to have wonderful support from my family and friends and the staff and members of Health and Fitness World."

Freeman's training routine included heavy weightlifting four times a week, high-intensity cardio and a diet focused mainly on grilled chicken breast, fibrous vegetables, egg whites, some rolled oats, cottage cheese and peanut butter - all strictly weighed and measured.

"It is a very time- consuming sport and requires a great deal of sacrifice in social activities and anything much else," she said.

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