Drink reviews: El Sueno Gold tequila, Newy Crisp Lager, Howard Park 2020 Arbor Novae Pinot Gris, Howard Park 2020 Arbor Novae Grenache-Shiraz

May 9 2022 - 6:00pm
What to drink this week: a golden tequila dream

The dream tequila

El Sueno Gold, 38%, 700ml, $55.

For a tequila with a name that translates to "the dream", there are some big expectations that come with El Sueno - and in this particular case, El Sueno Gold. With Australian internet searches for tequila growing more than 40 per cent since the beginning of the pandemic, people are hoping to find "the dream" tequila more than ever. As far as tequilas go, El Sueno isn't a bad option, particularly if you're planning on using it for a cocktail - something with ginger ale is probably your go-to with this one. This gold tequila has pineapple and pepper flavours, as well as hints of sweet caramel and vanilla notes. It's simple in its flavour - you don't have to think about it too much, making it a good entry tequila for those wanting to branch out.