Brows Australia now offers new highbrow treatments

Meet the team: Brows Australia owners Sonja Buckley and Shelley Reid, employ five friendly browistas including Fran Hampson, Priya Patel, Stevie Hall and Emily Harris (pictured).

Meet the team: Brows Australia owners Sonja Buckley and Shelley Reid, employ five friendly browistas including Fran Hampson, Priya Patel, Stevie Hall and Emily Harris (pictured).

Co-owners of Brows Australia, Sonja Buckley and Shelley Reid, and their team of browistas are thankful for how well the business has been received since opening eight short weeks ago.

The idea began at a post-lockdown dinner party in June when Sonja and Shelley discovered they were both having difficulty getting in anywhere to have their brows done.

They thought many women in Launceston might be having the same problem finding a place that could do brows on short notice, so they decided to open a business that could be that place.

Sonja and Shelley's team of five browistas are all trained in eyebrow threading and a range of other beauty treatments, with one staff member dedicated to walk-in clients, so if you don't have time to book an appointment you may still be able to get in.

Another point of difference Brows Australia offers is that they are one of very few child-friendly salons.

Shelley is currently expecting a baby and knows what it is like to have to get a babysitter for a 20-minute treatment.

"I moved to Launceston from Western Australia 18 months ago and I was surprised how you couldn't walk-in somewhere to get your eyebrows threaded and if you made an appointment and needed to reschedule you couldn't re-book for weeks," she said.

"One of the main reasons we offer walk-ins is so mums can plan around their baby's schedules. We've been overwhelmed with the support we've received from the Launceston community, we are really surprised and thankful."

"I absolutely love working in Launceston, everyone is very warm, it's not just a transaction it's an actual relationship. We've had clients come back 3-4 times already."

When the business opened Sonja and Shelley focussed on brows, lashes and hair removal, but now they have been open for a couple of months they have started to introduce some high-end beauty treatments including medical grade LED light therapy and cosmetic tattooing.

"We offer MediLUX LED light therapy sessions that are the strongest and most powerful on the market," Sonja said.

"Each wavelength targets a different skin concern, with each 20-minute session tailored to the client using a combination of blue, yellow, green, red and near-infrared light. For example, blue light is good for acne because it kills bacteria, infrared light can be healing and green light is used for skin tone correction. You can have just one treatment for a beautiful glow or we offer packages for a couple of treatments a week for a month."

"You can come in for a lunchtime session, the feedback that we are getting from everyone is that it is a relaxing process as well, so you might even get a bit of a power nap."

"We can also do more than just the face, if you have pigmentation, redness, fine lines, acne or sun damage the light can be moved around the body such as the back and hands and it is suitable for all skin types."

Shelley specialises in cosmetic tattooing and personally undertakes every client's treatment.

"We offer the latest technology in cosmetic tattooing, I can do Nano brows and am constantly upskilling," Shelley said.

Nano is an advanced technique which gives the effect of ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes that mimic the natural brow hair growth and blend beautifully with the natural eyebrow hair by using a digital machine with Nano needles.

Shelley will select the size of the needle and the exact depth of penetration.

This allows a much higher degree of precision than standard cosmetic tattooing and a consistent distribution of pigment. Brows Australia will be introducing more exciting treatments in the new year, so watch this space for more information.

"We don't compromise on the quality of our treatments, we want our clients to see a difference straight away," Shelley said.

"Our main point of difference is giving our staff intense in-house training with licensed professionals."

"We look forward to accommodating walk-ins coming into the festive season and will be opening from 10am-4pm on Mondays from November 9."

"Our highly accommodating team will stay back past fixed hours for appointments if needed."

Brows Australia is located at 58 George Street, Launceston. Walk-ins are welcome or you can make an appointment by calling 6334 4885 or booking online at