Warm up winter with $2500 cash prize

In it to win it: The Tas Heating and Cooling team don't want you to miss out on their Agfest specials or the chance to win $2500!
In it to win it: The Tas Heating and Cooling team don't want you to miss out on their Agfest specials or the chance to win $2500!

Launceston based company Tas Heating and Cooling have been attending Agfest for the last two years, setting their sights on this year's event they had big plans, but the relocation of the event to the cloud hasn't stopped the team from coming up with something special.

Agfest-goers will be used to the big competitions and prizes offered over the usual three-day event and this year is no different with Tas Heating and Cooling offering one lucky entrant the chance to win $2500 cash!

Tas Heating and Cooling's director Dan LeFevre said he was excited to do the giveaway but that a lot of people don't believe it is true.

"We haven't had too many entries just yet, a lot of people think it is too good to be true," he said.

"We had big plans to do some fantastic giveaways this year.

"Fujitsu and Hunt Heating kindly donated items, but we thought, given the current climate that people might appreciate the cash injection, and they can spend the money however they want."

As well as the $2500 cash giveaway, the team has a range of fantastic Agfest offers on their website with deals on heat pumps, hot water systems, solar PV and more!

Not only are there savings to be had on installation and product cost, but ongoing savings too.

Heating your home and hot water can put a lot of extra strain on cash flow over winter, but some options can help you save some money.

Tas Heating and Cooling are offering an Agfest special deal on their Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump hot water system.

This innovative product has an average annual energy saving of up to 80 per cent making it the most efficient heat pump system on the Australian market compared to a standard electric element hot water cylinder.

Running costs are less than $1 a day for an average four-person household.

"The opportunity to have high energy-efficient products available to help minimise our customer's energy costs and therefore day to day living costs is really important to us," Mr LeFevre said.

"Customers can come to us about any of the offers if they are unsure what would best suit their needs, we pride ourselves on offering an honest, reliable and prompt service."

With only one more week left of Agfest 2020 in the cloud, Mr LeFevre said he was looking forward to 2021 and seeing what the Agfest team could come up with for their return to the paddock.

"Agfest is a great way for us to showcase what we do and the products we offer," he said.

"We are looking forward to attending for many more in years to come, supporting Agfest means supporting our community and other like-minded small businesses."

To enter the $2500 cash giveaway, go to tasheatingandcooling.com.au/agfest-2020 where you will also find exclusive Agfest offers.

  • Full terms and conditions for the giveaway can be found on the website.