York Park upgrade is flowing ahead

York Park's state-of-the-art watering and drainage system is nearing completion as the $6.4 million redevelopment remains on schedule.

Contractors will pressure test the watering system on Monday _ a system which features 85 in-ground sprinkler heads and 1000m of PVC piping.

Parks and Recreation manager Rod Sweetnam said yesterday that the smaller sprinkler heads, which rise 15cm when in use, were considered the safest for players.

The drainage system involves 3500m of agricultural pipe and various grades of sand to gravity feed the water to pits at the northern and southern ends of the ground.

Pumps will then be used to remove excess water to nearby stormwater outlets.

Mr Sweetnam said the specifications for the ground surface and drainage was to disperse 100mm of rain an hour.

Apart from the drainage, moisture sensors and nutrient sensors will be embedded in the new surface to help achieve the best grass covering in all seasons.

Mr Sweetnam said that the final sand profiles and soil levels for the oval were on target to be finished by Christmas.

Pre-germinated seed, including a mixture of rye grasses suited to cooler climates, will then take about 12-16 weeks to establish.

It is understood that the council is negotiating with the Northern Bombers to minimise the number of games on the oval before June because grandstand and light-tower construction will be under way.

The entire redevelopment, including the oval, five light-towers for television football and a 2500-seat grandstand with changerooms underneath, is due for completion by June 21.

The project has been funded by a $5 million Federal Government grant and a $1.4 million contribution from the Launceston City Council.

The State Government has still contributed nothing, despite two council funding proposals.