Labor moots Code of Conduct probe in wake of Williamson saga

Angela Williamson
Angela Williamson

Labor has demanded the Premier launch an investigation into whether or not Health Minister Michael Ferguson breached the Code of Conduct for Ministers by allegedly revealing personal health details to an individual’s employer.

The government has labelled the move a “stunt”.

In June, Angela Williamson, a government relations advisor with Cricket Australia, was dismissed from her role, after making posts on social media that were critical of the state government’s perceived lack of action in relation to the provision of pregnancy termination services.

Ms Williamson has lodged a complaint with the Fair Work Commission over her dismissal.

She has told Fairfax Media that she was informed Mr Ferguson had told Cricket Australia that she had an abortion.

But the minister vehemently denies disclosing any medical information that was not already on the public record.

On Thursday, Labor announced it would be referring Mr Ferguson to Tasmania Police, saying allegations that he had revealed private medical details could represent a breach of the law.

Now, Labor leader Rebecca White is calling on Premier Will Hodgman to investigate whether or not Mr Ferguson breached the new Code of Conduct for Ministers.

“A Code of Conduct investigation would allow us to all better understand what has happened here,” Ms White said.

Treasurer Peter Gutwein said Labor was “moving from one stunt to the next”.

“Whingeing isn’t a policy,” he said.