Launceston community gathers to support one-punch attack victims, families through inaugural event

A community event will offer support to victims of “cowardly” assaults.

The inaugural One Punch Attack Victim’s Public Support Event will take place in Launceston on Friday night.

Organiser Toni Rosier said it was hoped the initiative would turn into an annual event.

“We believe that it is the first time a one-punch support event has been held in Launceston,” he said.

“It is being held to show support and respect for those past and present victims and their respective families.

“We are hoping to help people of Launceston become aware that it is not just the victim that is affected, but their families and friends, their work and associated businesses.”

The gathering will take place at 81 York Street from 6pm.


“It would be nice if it were to become an annual event,” Mr Rosier said.

“We would really like people to stop and think before they act and if anyone is able to stop someone making this error in judgement everyone benefits.”

In February, the state government announced it would introduce new laws to deal with fatal one-punch assaults.

Making the announcement, Justice Minister Elise Archer said under the current laws, it was “open for an offender to avoid a conviction for manslaughter if they successfully argue that the death was an accident”.

“Violent thugs who commit these gross acts of violence should always be held to account,” she said. 

“This new law will give police and prosecution authorities the means to ensure that such behaviour will always be properly addressed.”

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