Opportunities abound at University of Tasmania open day

After attending a University of Tasmania open day, Meegan Richardson decided on a different pathway than she originally planned.

“I was going to apply for a bachelor’s degree, but then I came to the open day they talked about how the University College offers a more practical degree,” she said.

“I thought that might be easy and more fun to do.”

University College offers associate degrees, University Preparation Programs, and a diploma of university studies.


Ms Richardson enrolled in the new associate degree in applied business.

“The workshops are really fun. I did a managing events class, and we actually got to hold an event in Hobart. It was a music gig, so we hired four bands and then set it all up,” she said.

The UTAS Inveresk campus and Australia Maritime College open days will allow prospective students to learn about the many opportunities available.

The open day will take place from 10am to 3pm on August 11.

For information visit info.utas.edu.au/openday.