Launceston's revitalised Civic Square officially reopened

Launceston’s newly revitalised Civic Square has been officially reopened.

Urban Infrastructure and Cities minister Paul Fletcher said Launceston was being made “fit, trim, and terrific for the 21st century”.

“But, to be fit, you need a strong heart. The heart of Launceston is really being boosted by the Civic Square refreshment, and of course the Brisbane Street Mall,” he said.

Treasurer Peter Gutwein said Civic Square was Launceston’s “beating heart”, and an outstanding outcome for Launceston.

“Launceston’s economy is growing and this will accelerate even more in coming years as projects like UTAS and several major hotel developments come on line, underpinned by the [state government] investing over $112 million under the city deal that will make the State’s North an even better place to live, work and raise a family,” he said.

“The Launceston City Heart project will redevelop the CBD including major public spaces such as the Mall and Civic Square and it will improve public transport and provide Wi-Fi, which is a great result for the people of Launceston.

“These developments have created jobs during construction and will attract further investment into the city which will underpin ongoing jobs as a result of the City Heart project.”

Senator David Bushby said the project would also include funding for new wayfinding infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists.

“This will breathe new life into our historic centre because it will make it so much more amenable to Tasmanians and visitors alike,” he said.

Launceston mayor Albert van Zetten said the community feedback for the revitalised square had been very positive.

“They love it. They love the fact they can have some activity, they can sit down, they can relax … they love the fact it’s not just a place you walk through, which it used to be. It now is a place with history, it’s a place where you can stop, enjoy it, have a coffee, and be there.

“It’s absolutely amazing … I see children playing with the water, I can see them sitting down talking, looking at the interpretation signs on the ground,” he said.

“The project will cement the city’s reputation as the most liveable regional centre and position the CBD as a competitive and attractive space for retail and visitor experiences.”

Alderman van Zetten said the City Heart project was expected to be complete by October 2019.


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