Delivering news that matters

The Examiner is proud to be Tasmania’s oldest newspaper and the third oldest in Australia.

The first editorial was penned by the Reverend John West and published in the very first edition on March 12, 1842.

“We ask no favour, unless our exertions to instruct and please appear to deserve it,” he wrote.

“Having aspired to fill the acknowledged vacancy, we are resolved to maintain our position with spirit and resolution, to win the confidence ... while looking to the public as our only patron, to recognise it as our only judge.”

The Examiner’s first campaign, led by West, pushed for the end of convict transportation and the need for the colonies to be a federation of states.

Campaigns have continued in this fashion over our history.

We pushed for York Park to be a facility worthy of national attention and a university for Launceston.

Two years ago we discussed sexual assault through our Hands Off campaign – 12 months before the #MeToo movement gained international attention.

Recently The Examiner demanded police to be removed from “babysitting duties” in the Supreme Court, we put the spotlight on educational pathways through our Pick Up the Tools campaign, and pushed for legislative change for stronger laws for police officers when off-duty. 

We’ve raised millions of dollars through our annual Empty Stocking and Winter Relief appeals that directly support four local charities.  Our David Chaplin Memorial Trust Fund supports our sick children seeking help with costs when needing to travel for medical treatment. 

We sit through the council meetings, attend court, visit the local schools, and brave the cold weather for match reports so that we can tell the stories that matter to you.

The introduction of subscriptions for will allow us to invest in local journalism, which we know has been valued by our region and readers for the past 176 years and identified as being essential into the future to ensure Northern Tasmania is informed, entertained and connected.