West Tamar Council takes next step in Legana Strategic Plan

One of the designs for the plaza.
One of the designs for the plaza.

The West Tamar Council has given an indication of the layout for Legana’s town centre, releasing designs for two plazas within the project.

It comes as construction on the main street heads into its final stages. 

The features of the design include garden beds, a shade structure, seating, an eight-bay bicycle rack, general waste and recycling bins, a water fountain, and a hedge separating the corner park from the adjoining car park.

West Tamar mayor Christina Holmdahl said it was pleasing to see the project approach completion.

“It makes you optimistic for the way ahead, because there have been obstacles with this project,” she said.

“As a council, we have been able to address those obstacles, and now the reality is that the Legana Strategic Plan is coming into effect.

“I think it will completely change the face of the municipality when it is finished.”

The project is schedules to be completed in October/November 2018, depending on weather.